Curriculum Overview

At Kingsland CE Academy, we aim to develop confident, young citizens who are given the opportunity to reach their full potential and enjoy life in all its fullness. We do this through providing high quality education in a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment where children flourish and feel loved, valued and respected.

Through a broad and personalised learning programme the children build on prior knowledge and are immersed in subject specific lessons. The children learn skills to create a variety of outcomes becoming Scientists, Writers, Musicians or Designers in the process.

Through the use of 1-1 iPads we strive to provide opportunities for children to develop as independent and critical thinkers, giving them the choice of using the format they feel is best to exhibit their skills and knowledge.

We develop children’s spiritual dimension by fostering a sense of wonder, joy and amazement. We work consistently within the Christian ethos of a Church of England School by promoting respect and tolerance of others and of their beliefs; pride in themselves and their achievements, and care and consideration for the environment.

Kingsland has been commended for the strength of its relationships between all stakeholders. We understand that relationships are essential for success and our team benefit from a Community and Children’s Chaplain and a fully committed and passionate team of professionals.

We have taken a strategic approach to the introduction of a newly revised curriculum. Leaders in school will carefully monitor and evaluate the implementation and impact of each curriculum subject area over a three year programme alongside consistent monitoring of the English and Maths curriculum.

Year: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Curriculum Review Plan

Design & Technology
Modern Foreign Languages
Outdoor Learning

Curriculum Overview

Year 1

Autumn: Our City
Spring: Toys over Time
Summer: Space

Year 3

Autumn: River Deep, Mountain High
Spring: The Land Before Time
Summer: The Shang Dynasty

Year 5

Autumn: Backpackers
Spring: The Staffordshire Hoard
Summer: The Aztecs

Year 2

Autumn: Out of Africa
Spring: Bright Lights, Big City
Summer: Explorers

Year 4

Autumn: Mother Nature’s Fury
Spring: The Empire Strikes
Summer: Who Let the Gods out?

Year 6

Autumn: Behind Enemy Lines
Spring: Eco-Warriors
Summer: Up the Chimneys, Down the Mines