Welcome to Classroom Tweets!

As part of our mission to bring parents more content from their children’s classrooms, we have now got dedicated classroom Twitter accounts!

Our main Twitter account will be used to share whole school news but please feel free to follow your child’s class Twitter account for more relevant content to you!

Please click on your child’s teacher below or simply scroll down the page…

Miss. Hegewald

Miss. Sirzuk

Mrs. Harrison

Mrs. Denson

Mrs. Goddard
Executive Principal

Mrs. Grattage

Mrs. Glover
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Denson
Assistant Principal

Miss. Webb
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Jones
Outdoors Leader

Mrs. Heath
Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Aked
Reception Teacher

Miss. Bullock
Reception Teacher

Miss. Stones
Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. Barrett
Year 1 Teacher

Miss. Adams
Year 2 Teacher

Miss. Bentley
Year 2 Teacher

Mr. Bartonshaw
Year 3 Teacher

Mr. Hallam
Year 3 Teacher

Miss. Wilson
Year 4 Teacher

Mrs. Beeston
Year 4 Teacher

Miss. Hegewald
Year 5 Teacher

Miss. Sirzuk
Year 5 Teacher

Mrs. Harrison
Year 6 Teacher