Our Values & Ethos

At Kingsland C.E. Academy we value our children, staff and families and welcome them into our caring, happy and safe Church of England school community.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”  John 8 v12.  Here Jesus reminds us that God wants the very best for us and when we walk with Him we flourish and reach our potential.

Over the course of the year each class shares a Bible story with the school during their assembly.

These stories cover a variety of topics and values. Here you can see which story has been allocated to which class and Rev. Malcolm, Rev. Dave and Chaplain Rob have recorded versions for you to watch at your leisure.

NVH – Joseph the Dreamer. Read by Chaplain Rob.

RRA – Jesus and the Children. Read by Rev. Dave

RNS – Jesus and the Taxman. Read by Rev. Malcolm

1SB – Jesus is Baptised. Read by Chaplain Rob

1KB – An Extraordinary Day. Read by Rev. Dave

2NW – The Marvellous Picnic. Read by Rev. Malcolm

2TB – Jesus and the Wedding in Cana. Read by Chaplain Rob

3JD – The Sower. Read by Rev. Dave

3KB – The Good Shepherd. Read by Rev. Malcolm

4ES – The Lord’s Prayer. Read by Chaplain Rob

4PB – The Kind Stranger. Read by Rev. Dave

5RT – Blessed are the Peacemakers. Read by Rev. Malcolm

5NH – The Unforgiving Servant. Read by Chaplain Rob

6SA – Love One Another. Read by Rev. Dave

6KH – Do Not Judge Others. Read by Rev Malcolm