The heart of our community

Our Christian ethos is at the heart of all we do.

We nurture and support our pupils, parents and staff in a caring learning community. We believe in the importance of developing children’s social skills and confidence leading to informed decision making.

We regularly attend our local church and actively participate in the life of our parish. At Kingsland we are walking in the light with Jesus. Together we will develop lifelong learners, through an exciting and creative approach to learning.

The Lighthouse Centre

Make new friends, overcome challenges and gain new skills.

Join our team of volunteers with the potential of future employment. We aim to develop positive relationships with the local community and engage you with the services we have on offer.

Lighthouse Centre
The Lighthouse Centre

The Lantern Cafe

Fancy a brew?

The Lantern Cafe is part of The Lighthouse Centre and offers a delicious menu. Everyone’s welcome so come on in, grab a coffee, pick up some lunch and if there’s still some room left, treat yourself to a cake!

Catch up with friends

Everyone’s welcome so come on in, grab a coffee, pick up some lunch and if there’s still some room left, treat yourself to a cake!

St. John's Church

Faith. Hope. Love

Kingsland is the Bucknall parish school and we regularly attend St. Mary’s Church at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and for leavers service. The Bucknall Team Ministry lead worship in school at least once a week and support our Christian ethos.

Rev. Malcolm

Rev. Malcolm works with our school staff so that Christian values and visions are celebrated and our children are spiritually prepared for life.

He helps us to learn about Jesus and we are encouraged to follow this example by “Walking in the Light.”

Bucknall Team Ministry

Three Churches working together to share the love and good news of Jesus.

Bucknall Team Ministry

Our Chaplain

Our Chaplain has a different relationship with pupils, which does not involve the discipline essential in the teacher-child relationship.

Rob is available in the playground before school, during break and lunchtimes and after school and through mentoring and supporting individuals.

Helping Others

As a church school, an important aspect of our ethos is thinking of others, particularly those less able or less fortunate than ourselves.

We have a good relationship with many different charities and over the years we have raised considerable amounts of money to help and support children all over the world. We hope that by participating in fundraising activities our pupils will learn that they can make a difference and that if we all work together we can help to bring about change.

“You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Act 20 v35