Share a Prayer

Recognising the need for ongoing support for our community and to be creative in the ways people can express their faith, we have created a page for people to share a prayer.

We welcome children, parents, staff and the local community to share their prayers.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.”

John 8 v12

Dear Lord, We thank you for every member of our Kingsland community. We are missing being together at school, help us to remember that we are loved and be with us in all that we do. We pray for doctors and nurses who are helping people to get better. We pray that we continue to walk in the light with you everyday. Please help us put our trust in you to keep us all safe. Amen.

Mrs. Goddard - Principal

Dear God, please help the NHS to survive the pandemic and help all the people that have got it to survive.

Leon - Year 3

Dear Lord, bless all the people who have had the virus. Please protect everyone.

Tyler - Year 5

Please keep everyone safe.

James - Year 6

Dear God, Thank you for the best mum and dad in the whole world. Amen

Jasmine – Year 4

Dear Jesus, thank you for our community, how people are helping one another and making new friends in this really difficult time. Jesus help us to be kind and help our friends who are finding things hard, help us to stay in touch with those we love. We pray for those people we know who are not well and those who are worried about people they love who are poorly. Please Jesus heal the sick and help the doctors and nurses, and care workers to look after the people in their care. Jesus help us to keep walking in the light with you. We thank you that you love us and promise to never leave us. Please help us to stay safe. Amen

Rev. Malcolm

Dear God, I hope everyone is doing great and safe and stay home. Amen

Tyla - Year 3

I hope everyone stays safe. Amen

Sharna - Year 6

Please keep everyone safe.

James - Year 6

Dear God, I would like to pray that all my family and friends and teachers at school stay safe from this nasty coronavirus. Amen

Finley - Year 2

Loving God, we pray for your Holy Spirit to be with all the Kingsland children and their families during this pandemic. We pray for your love, strength and protection over our whole community and look forward to the time when we can come back together again. Amen.

Rob - Chaplain

Dear Lord, Please help all the people who have lost someone due to the virus, the front line workers for their hard work and everyone who is struggling at the moment. I pray that everyone stays safe. Amen ?

Mya – Year 6

Dear Lord, please give us strength during this difficult time. Come please, come with your power to protect the NHS. Protect family and friends. Please stop this Coronavirus because we want to live normal again. Please protect people in the hospital that are sick and make sure they stay alive. Thank you lord for keeping us alive. Amen


Please keep me and my family safe during this coronavirus outbreak.

Keira - Year 4

I pray that when we go back to school everbody will be fine.

Aimee - Year 3

Dear Lord, make sure the Cornavirus does not enter any houses. Save the NHS.

Zenilson - Year 4

Dear Lord, please stop the coronavirus. We want to live normal again. Please go to the people that have the coronavirus and make sure they stay alive. Amen

Zenelson - Year 3

We pray today for everyone who is missing their friends and family, school and teachers and feeling sad. Thank you God that your promise to always be with us, to hear our prayers and to lift us up when we’re feeling down. Help us all to stay safe, to care for each other and to think of who we can get in touch with today to share your love. Amen

Rev. Dave

Lord I pray for every member of staff at Kingsland, every child at Kingsland, the support, the professionalism, the personalities. The Love. The Faith. The Hope. God Bless you all. Amen.

Kayleigh - Parent

Dear God, I pray for everyone to stay home and our teachers and classmates to stay safe. Please keep everyone safe and once again please come down from heaven and praise the NHS and heal the people. Amen

Leon - Year 3