Recognising the need for ongoing support for our community and to be creative in the ways people can express their faith, we have created a page for people to share a prayer.

We welcome children, parents, staff and the local community to share their prayers.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world.”

John 8 v12

Dear Lord, We thank you for every member of our Kingsland community. We are missing being together at school, help us to remember that we are loved and be with us in all that we do. We pray for doctors and nurses who are helping people to get better. We pray that we continue to walk in the light with you everyday. Please help us put our trust in you to keep us all safe. Amen.

Mrs. Goddard – Executive Principal

Leon – Year 3

Dear God, please help the NHS to survive the pandemic and help all the people that have got it to survive. Amen

Tyler – Year 5

Dear Lord, bless all the people who have had the virus. Please protect everyone. Amen

Dear Loving God, I pray for peace. I pray that you cover all of the teachers and all the children with your precious blood. Jesus Shine through us all. Lord Jesus in your name we pray. Amen

Kayleigh – Parent

James – Year 6

Please keep everyone safe.

Taylor – Year 5

I hope this virus goes away God and please help everyone with the virus. Amen

Dear Jesus, thank you for our community, how people are helping one another and making new friends in this really difficult time. Jesus help us to be kind and help our friends who are finding things hard, help us to stay in touch with those we love. We pray for those people we know who are not well and those who are worried about people they love who are poorly. Please Jesus heal the sick and help the doctors and nurses, and care workers to look after the people in their care. Jesus help us to keep walking in the light with you. We thank you that you love us and promise to never leave us. Please help us to stay safe. Amen

Rev. Malcolm

Jasmine – Year 4

Dear God, Thank you for the best mum and dad in the whole world. Amen

Hollie – Year 5

Dear Lord, Please help all the people who are not feeling well. Please heal them in our sleep. Amen

Loving God, we pray for your Holy Spirit to be with all the Kingsland children and their families during this pandemic. We pray for your love, strength and protection over our whole community and look forward to the time when we can come back together again. Amen.

Rob – Chaplain

Tyla – Year 3

Dear God, I hope everyone is doing great and safe and stay home. Amen

Mya – Year 6

Dear Lord, Please help all the people who have lost someone due to the virus, the front line workers for their hard work and everyone who is struggling at the moment. I pray that everyone stays safe. Amen 🙏

Dear Lord. Thank you so much for all things. I know nothing, and only ask for the ability to cope with the challenges of this life in a way that honours you. I know that you love us and the things that happen to us, in this life are lessons that we must face. I wish only for the ability to face them with love, strength, joy and honour. That my life can be a lesson that gives you glory and praise. Amen

Evie – Year 3

Tyla – Year 3

Dear God, I hope everyone is doing great and safe and stay home. Amen

Finley – Year 2

Dear God, I would like to pray that all my family and friends and teachers at school stay safe from this nasty coronavirus. Amen

Lord I pray for every member of staff at Kingsland, every child at Kingsland, the support, the professionalism, the personalities.
The Love. The Faith. The Hope.
God Bless you all. Amen.

Kayleigh – Parent

Zenelson – Year 3

Dear Lord, please stop the coronavirus. We want to live normal again. Please go to the people that have the coronavirus and make sure they stay alive. Amen

Sharna – Year 6

I hope everyone stays safe. Amen

Lord Jesus, I pray for my family. Please keep us safe and protected from this virus. I also pray for my friends, my classmates, my teachers and everyone that belongs to my school. Please keep us all safe and help us to enjoy this time away from school so that we can appreciate each other more when school starts. I also pray for my Yaca and Pu (grandparents) in Fiji. Lord, they are old and vulnerable so please keep them safe so i can visit them again sometime soon. Help me to be good and thank you for mum and dad. Both of them are still going to work so please protect them. Thank you for my sister too. Thank you Jesus for your love. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Sitiveni – Year 3

Please Lord, I pray for everyone in this sad situation that we can all stay strong and support each other. I also pray for the NHS for all their help and support that they are giving. Also Lord I want to pray for all the co-workers and teachers. I thank you Lord… Lord Jesus please pray for all these beautiful people xxx

Jayne – Parent

We pray today for everyone who is missing their friends and family, school and teachers and feeling sad. Thank you God that your promise to always be with us, to hear our prayers and to lift us up when we’re feeling down. Help us all to stay safe, to care for each other and to think of who we can get in touch with today to share your love. Amen

Rev. Dave

Father God, I know that you can hear me, Lord. During these unpresedented times, Please put your loving arms around all the hardworking people who are working hard to fight this awful pandemic and protect them. Lord I pray for the crucial NHS work force to be safe and that they get the right amount of equipment they need to carry on working. Lord I also pray for our local Schools and the Teaching Staff that are looking after children of keyworkers and protect them too Father. Lord I pray for all people who are feeling anxious and have low self esteem during this pandemic, that you will guide them to peace. Father God we ask this in the name of your Son and our Risen Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sean – Parent

We’re praying for everyone in the community. For children. For parents. For workers. For those that are staying at home. For those in good health, and those that aren’t. We’re praying for a swift end to this chaos, and for added strength to those that need it 🙏


Dear God, Please look after all our families and our friends. Please help us to always be kind. Please help us to show love to others in any way we can. Thank you God for sending your son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who died for us to forgive our sins that we may have life in all it’s glory. Amen 🙏

Jo – Parent

Dear Father, thank you for your grace, to stand strong no matter what we face every day of our lives, we choose to stay in faith, we choose to keep praying, we choose to keep believing, knowing that victory is on its way. Father you are in control, so we also pray that you will lead us out of this disease which is affecting our community, our families, our loved ones, all those still working putting themselves at risk on the front line, our NHS care workers, our emergency services, supermarket workers, taxi drivers, lorry drivers ,all those who are still providing a service for us during these troubled times. Father we pray for those who have lost their lives not just through the coronavirus but through other illnesses. Lord we pray that you are with them and there families too. Lord we pray for our schools and it’s teachers. We pray for our church leaders, our parish, our 3 churches and our churches around the world. Lord we pray for all who are in isolation, those who struggle to get out, those who are desperate, the homeless. Father we pray for your comfort, peace, protection and your strength to see us through. We pray Father you will bring this evil to an end, you will bring us out of these dark times into the light how great is your goodness, hear our prayers. Lord we humble ourselves to you. Amen

Anthony – Parent

Lord Jesus we are so used to having lots of people around us, that we sometimes forget to pray for people who must be lonely. Please bless those who must stay in at the moment and can’t enjoy being with family friends and neighbours. Help us to think about those people who live near us and show us ways of how we can cheer them up. We pray this prayer in Jesus our Saviours name. Amen

Ann – Pupil

Leon – Year 3

Dear God, I pray for everyone to stay home and our teachers and classmates to stay safe. Please keep everyone safe and once again please come down from heaven and praise the NHS and heal the people. Amen

Zenilson – Year 3

Dear Lord, make sure the Cornavirus does not enter any houses. Save the NHS, protect everyone in need. Amen

Dear heavenly Father, we come to you in Jesus’ powerful name.
Firstly, we would like to confess to you that we are sinners and we are always falling short of your glory.
We ask you dear Lord to please forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Please forgive us and write our names again in the book of life.
For we acknowledge that we are sinners and that we are always falling short of your glory every now and than.

Thank you so much dear Lord for forgiving us.
For your word says in 1 John 1: 9
If we confess our sins, he is is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Thank you for the breath of life.
Thank you for your blessings in all our lives.
Thank you for your protection over our families and friends lives.
We are so blessed to be safe and alive till this day.
Some have lost their loved ones over the Virus that has touched the world.
Please dear Lord, give their families comfort, comfort that the world can’t give them but only the comfort that comes from you which is peace.

Be with each and every one of us today.
We pray over the lives of our Teachers and students around the world.
And the lives of my fellow students here in Kingsland Academy and the lives of our teachers and leaders..
That we may be protected and covered by your blood in Jesus name mighty name we pray,


Dear Lord, please give us strength during this difficult time. Come please, come with your power to protect the NHS. Protect family and friends. Please stop this Coronavirus because we want to live normal again. Please protect people in the hospital that are sick and make sure they stay alive. Thank you lord for keeping us alive. Amen

Keira – Year 4

Please keep me and my family safe during this coronavirus outbreak.

Aimee – Year 3

I pray that when we go back to school everbody will be fine.